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Item Displays! Now you can use them too!
Started by AutismFather



24 Mar 2022
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11 Dec 2023

We've added a new plugin that lets YOU create item displays at your base. It's a very simple command to use and it'll make a display, a lot like a hologram, right where you stand.

Item displays are a fantastic alternative to item frames because they are more see through, more 3D, and they create 0 lag for the server or for your computer.

Creating and Removing an Item Display

The command is:
/itemdisplay create <item>

The <item> in the command can be practically any item in the game. As you type it into the command prompt, it'll give you a list of items to choose from.

You can also specify the size of the item by adding "large" to the end of the command.

For example:
/itemdisplay create diamond_sword large

To remove an item display, just crouch and right click it! It'll disappear.


You can only use these in protections that you can build in. You can't use it in protections that you're not add to and you can not use it in unprotected areas.

Right now players are limited to 100 at a time, until we can be sure that it works properly and scales up as many people use it.

Only the person who creates an item display and can remove an item display. So if 2 people share a protection, only the person who placed it can remove it. The exceptions being admins who can remove all item displays.

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AutismFather · 3 months ago · Last edited: 3 months ago