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Autcraft Obsidian


Autcraft Obsidian (ACO) is a Minecraft server for kids age 15 and up. ACO's Cost is around $5 USD a month. 

Autcraft Obsidian Spawn
Autcraft Obsidian has had several iterations of spawns including the first which was a central location housed in a taiga biome.

The current Autcraft Obsidian Spawn was built in 2020, designed by the players made for the players was made inside a mooshroom biome. The multiple biomes come from all of us players who come from different areas and can come together and play as the ACO Family.

Special Items
Items of Autcraft Obsidian are awarded to players for putting the server above themselves, similar to the AutismFather Sword.

In this category, 2 items have been awarded: The Philosophers Pickaxe, And The Obsidian Bow.

The Philosophers Pickaxe
An old award handed out in the early Autcraft Obsidian Days and was discontinued around 1.10 - 1.11. Unobtainable Currently

Awarded The Pickaxe

  • TRNMaster
  • Acuena
  • Kimber88
  • Diamond_Minerz

Obsidian Bow
The New award of ACO Award to players for the same reason as The Philosophers Pickaxe.

Awarded The Bow

  • RyliahRose (9/2/19)
  • DustyCircuit (2/1/20)
  • Teliassen (5/2/20)
  • PerRagnar (5/2/20)

Community Builds
Autcraft Obsidian has many player builds, some being spawn like above, some being a mall, farms, and other places like the nether hub.

  • NetherHub
    • There are 3 layers to the NetherHub On Autcraft Obsidian, consisting of 4 colors:
      • Red 
      • Lime 
      • Yellow 
      • Blue
    • There are also nether portals at the bottom and an exit to the outside of the NetherHub, One of the portals leads to spawning, the other leads to a New Nether Area with player made bridges.
  • Timeline
    • Displayed At spawn in the Wild West is a room with Information, History, and General Information of Autcraft Obsidian, Inside is a timeline for players to look at and look back at the history of ACO.
  • Mall
    • The Mall has several player-made shops at it which sells items, the mall itself was made by the community and is one of the main areas to buy things on Autcraft Obsidian.
  • Farms
    • ACO has Many public farms that you can use to gather resources! Make Sure to only grab what you earned / In marked chests grab what you need.

Wither Fights 
ACO Has Wither fights similar to Ac except we have player-made arenas, we have 6 arenas most of which were made by the players.

There are very similar mobs on ACO as there are on AC But some are made less dangerous by the no keep-inventory, We do have exclusive mobs to ACO, some are inside jokes and some are unique ones.

Loaner Gear
There is gear at wither fights for players to use in that wither fight to protect their valuable stuff from the no keep-inventory. 
Armor and weapons are made out of mostly plain diamonds and food is supplied, the armor and weapons are not to be taken outside of Wither fights.

The ACO Discord is open to most paying members and many fun things are added to it for players to talk in and with others.

Portal Room
All active players of ACO have portal rooms that are similar to set homes but with a max of 12, limited usage, and decorative purposes it is unique to ACO. Players can have up to 12 portals in their room and decorate it however they see fit, it is a 18x18x12 room where you can place blocks for decorative purposes inside along with portals to go to your bases or cool finds! There is only allowed one Nether-Nether Portal and 11-12 Overworld to Nether Portals.
Portals can not be moved around often as the process takes a long time to do. Make Sure when creating your portal room you set it up how you want it!

ACO Admins And Players host events often, more often around holidays or birthdays these are experienced and are one of the more enjoyable features of ACO. The Standard times for Autcraft Obsidian Events is 3 Pm EST But there are occasional events outside that timeframe.

Similar to Autcraft's Variant of Employee of the month like some businesses do know as POTW - Hosted every Saturday at 4 pm EST - Autcraft Obsidian has a similar variant known as Player Of The Month or POTM for short hosted every 1st Saturday of the month at 3 pm EST. Matching with Autcraft's Player Of The Week Given to the player who has done a fantastic job through the past week if not more, Autcraft Obsidian does the same to players who went above expectations and helped out around Autcraft Obsidian through the past month. 
Visit the POTM Room at ACO Spawn for Past POTM Winners and the current Winner Of POTM.

On ACO There is PVP and it is a player's responsibility to follow people's consent when PVPing (See Consent).

There are games played on ACO Such as hitman and survival games and possibly more PVP style type of games soon!

A Player on any given portal has a sign giving people consent to enter their portal room, portals, allow pranks, or allow PVP inside there. Consent is given when you ask and they allow such as PVP or entry. Check portals in the nether hub before entry, pranking, or PVP. If there is no sign you must ask them before you do so.


  • $5 USD Every Month
  • $25 USD Every 6 months
  • $45 USD Every Year