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Are you able to donate?

LadyCath a posted Fri at 6:56
Hello everyone!

Did you know the donations you kindly give to us go towards the running of the website and Minecraft server?

Each and every dollar donated (and points purchased too) goes 110% into the running costs. I won't bore you with the figures but these costs are in the hundreds per month. This money goes towards the hiring of the machine and maintenance of it that stores our server on it and runs it night and day.

We put up this cool looking donation counter on our main page here.. on the right hand side.

"What happens if we don't make the donation goal for the month?" I hear you say? Well we don't shut down. We don't cease to exist, it means that admin have to dig into their pockets to help pay for the months bills for Autcraft which isn't always easy.

So don't worry if we don't get there every month. You can also help by purchasing points or merchandise too from the page.

Thankyou to everyone who has helped and to all wiling to help. Every dollar counts and helps keep us alive for the kids.

It's not necessary to donate for your child to play on Autcraft - it is free to whitelist to play to keep it fair access for all people from all walks of life.. but we appreciate the help if you can.

SpaciousName I think someone suggested that on the forums a while ago.
Mmpf I think there should be a reward for reaching the donation goal. For example: If we reach 50%, everyone on the server ge ...
I won't pretend I'm as eloquent as AutismFather, so I'll just get to the point. He recently sent me a link to the article below and wrote, ''s part of what Autcraft teaches... autism is an excuse for struggling but it's not a pass. You are still responsible for your own actions.' As you can tell, he's not changed a bit and for that the world is a better place.

To read the rest, please visit

JohnJNinja we are after all humans am i right? by the way J_D Totally agree
jackson_dylan Children need to take responsibility for their actions. Autism isn't an excuse for being a horrible person. That would b ...

AutCraft 1.7.10!

WeepingWillowTwo a posted Oct 2, 14
Yes! That's right.

We have OFFICIALLY updated to 1.7.10.

Please connect with the 1.7.10 client!

Please post on the forums if you are having issues upgrading and someone will be happy to help you as soon as they can. ♥

Also post if you find any weird bugs or the like. :)

Stay safe, have fun and enjoy the update!

- Jinxsis & The AutCraft Admins :)

(Please note that Hide and Seek is currently unavailable but will be working again soon!)

{BioHazard} pikaminer1245 I am nolonger with autcraft I want to be rewhitelisted
dittoslash good. now do 1.8.
JohnJNinja Oh no o_o i hope i can still connect
We have a scheduled maintenance tomorrow night that may take longer than usual. We will work as fast as we can to get back up and running. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
JohnJNinja Um will i still be able to play useing 1.7.2?
donuts4321 Ughh, It's like 5 hours now. Does maintenance take THAT long?
sparkle1970 I think i'm going to leave some cake out for bessy so she doesn't eat up Autville again ...

Good-bye Autcraft

AutismFather a posted Sep 16, 14
You all are truly amazing and I've loved every minute that I've had with each of you. But it's time that I said good-bye.

There's no drama and nothing that I'm upset about or anyone making me go. I just have to do this for me. I started Autcraft and helped it grow into something truly amazing... but now it's time for it to continue on without me.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone that believed in me and supported me and made Autcraft what it is today.

I'll miss you all very much.

If you want to read more about my reasons, I wrote them out here:

I wish you all the very best.

- AF

Likewise, we wish AF all the best. While we are sad he has to leave, we understand that he is leaving for the best of reasons. After all, AF has always said "Family Comes First." We also understand that players will have many questions about AF's departure. Please see the following post for these discussions, this will be updated on an ongoing basis:

Creepermustache i think he shold leave he loves his children and thats whats inportant! ...
Cookie1757 bye AF
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