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As we approach 2016, we have to start making some plans for the future of Autcraft. Plans to make things better but also to fix problems from the past. We're always learning and wanting to make things bigger and better for you. So, here's what we're doing:

1. 4 New Worlds

Starting immediately, today, Autcraft is opening the doors to four brand new worlds to build in. These worlds are:
- Peaceful
- Hard
- Peaceful Amplified
- Hard Amplified

Going forward, players will get to choose which of these four worlds they would like to have a base in. The amplified worlds aren't for everyone since it can be quite difficult to find flat ground sometimes and the mountains can go all the way to the top the sky. But for those that want to take on that challenge, now you can! Build in the regular worlds or create something truly unique in the amplified mountains.

By the way, not even the admins have started building in these worlds yet. They're completely empty and ready for everyone to jump in. Everyone gets a shot at finding the perfect spot at the same time.

2. World Borders

These new worlds will have world borders that will keep players from wandering out too far. In the past we've had players just head off in any direction they choose, generating and loading thousands and thousands of chunks. This is especially true of players that can fly.

There are two problems created when this happens.

First, the server has to save all those chunks plus all the changes to the chunks that people are building in. This can take an excessively long time and sometimes even fail. This is when data corruption happens and some areas of the server become so unstable that entering them causes your game to crash.

The other problem is that each generated chunk is a file on the server. This causes the hard drive to fill up much faster than it really should. Our worlds are now over 30GB each, most of which is never actually used. They're just generated pieces of land that no one has ever used.

Going forward, we will have expanding borders that we will adjust as we need them. To start though, the borders will have a radius of 40,000 blocks. This means that starting at or near 0, 0, the borders will go from 20,000x20,000 all the way to -20,000x-20,000. No one will be able to go beyond the borders, not even admins.

3. Role Play World

This will be opening on January 1st, it will essentially be a world where all of our server builds will reside except for spawn.  So instead of bouncing around the server to find different role player areas or giant land or Ponyville or anything else, it will all be in one place. This makes it much easier for us going forward as well since these things will never have to move again after and we can more easily control what players can and can't do in those areas.

4. The Shops will be closing

The Dry Gulch shops will be closing on January 1, 2016. The bank and general stores will be expanding what they have to offer but player shops will no longer be available.

We may revisit this in the future, having less to manage or finding a way for players to manage their own but as it stands right now, there will be no more player shops going into the new year.

5. The Peaceful and Hard worlds we have now will close

It's unfortunate and I know that no one wants a "reset" but the worlds that we have now will be removed from the server at midnight on January 1, 2016. This is to make room for the new worlds.

As already stated, the existing worlds have become much too large and have already begun to cause problems for the server, corrupting chunks and causing us to run out of hard drive space. 

The good news is that since the new worlds are opening today, you will have over 3.5 months to move your belongings to the new worlds.

We suggest that you use /sethome in the new world where you want to build and then just bounce back and forth between your old home and your new home, transfering items over.

Admins will not be copying and pasting or doing any of the transporting of items for you. Sorry but we just don't have the time to copy/paste or move everyone's stuff. Also, this is why we are giving you so much time. Even the largest builds can be moved and/or recreated in the new worlds in 3.5 months.

There will not be a download for the new worlds either as sharing 30GB worlds with hundreds-thousands of players would cost us a fortune in bandwidth. No one likes losing all their work and I understand the desire to want to keep it but we feel that what you'll be able to create in the new worlds will be 100x better.

6. The portals to the worlds we have now are gone

To ensure that no new players joining our server build in the closing worlds by accident, we will be closing the portals to those worlds immediately.

To get back to those worlds, use your /home commands or tp to people already there.

And please, if you see anyone building anything new in one of the worlds that are closing in January, 2016, please inform them and make sure they move to one of the new worlds.

We're very excited to see what Autcraft players can do with these new worlds going forward. And with the addition of the world borders, as annoying as they'll be, we'll be able to ensure that these new worlds stay around longer than ever.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask below, in game or in our forums at

- AF

MrObbymageYT we just go all the way to the boarders and there is just a temple trolling us on the other side. lol
trainboyaidan I looked around on the post, But I cant find HOW to get to the New worlds. I'll keep looking, if i find it, I'll just sa ...
chickenlitle1204 I have already heard about this...though I do like the new worlds!I have already built my house in the Peaceful amplifie ...

Black Friday

AutismFather ao posted Fri at 10:58

Black Friday is happening here on Autcraft too!

Not just for today though, for the entire week-end!
You can save 30% on anything in our online store!

Ranks, blocks, mob heads, unlimited /sethome, no TP timer... absolutely everything is 30% off for 3 days!
(you must be signed in and whitelisted to see the sale)

AlisonJones2002 I didn't see this until it was too late. :(
chickenlitle1204 awwwww just one more day and I haven't even bought anything! :(
David_the_Moose Black Friday..... The most feared day of the year....

Found yourself or your child in need of some help on Autcraft?

A while ago I created a help centre. It is located at the ground floor of the Quartz Hotel but if you don't know where that is, type "/warp help" from anywhere you are and you will be teleported straight there.

In there you will find all sorts of information like how to use lockette and stables, helpful commands you can use in game, what some terms mean like "afk" and how to get a hold of an admin if you need one.

Go take a look around and familiarise yourself. Go through it with your child so they know also, makes a smoother and more pleasant playing experience.


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