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Good-bye Autcraft

AutismFather a posted Tue at 12:45
You all are truly amazing and I've loved every minute that I've had with each of you. But it's time that I said good-bye.

There's no drama and nothing that I'm upset about or anyone making me go. I just have to do this for me. I started Autcraft and helped it grow into something truly amazing... but now it's time for it to continue on without me.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone that believed in me and supported me and made Autcraft what it is today.

I'll miss you all very much.

If you want to read more about my reasons, I wrote them out here:

I wish you all the very best.

- AF

Likewise, we wish AF all the best. While we are sad he has to leave, we understand that he is leaving for the best of reasons. After all, AF has always said "Family Comes First." We also understand that players will have many questions about AF's departure. Please see the following post for these discussions, this will be updated on an ongoing basis:

ONHarlow bye Af
donuts4321 AF, I understand your reasons and I wish nothing but the best, I will miss you ;(, and I wish you have a good life and e ...
SpaciousName You're like Notch. Notch is awesome.

Minecraft 1.8 is out today!

(no, Autcraft will not be updating to it right away. We have to wait until our plugins also update before we can)

For those of you wondering what all is new, we found this rather comprehensive list and descriptions from MineMum.

Take a look and give 1.8 a try!

For more info:
Minemaster310 Help i want to add games to my autcraft profile gamelist but id dony know how
SupportedF2 sorry guys that was an accident \/\/
SupportedF2 ...
There still seems to be some confusion by players as to what exactly Autcraft is and who it is that we're letting in and who we're not.

Let me say straight away, Autcraft has never ever been "autism only."

There seems to be this rumour going around that Autcraft is now letting in people that do not have autism and that it's going to ruin the server. The thing is, from the very first day, we've encouraged those children that have friends they like playing with to have their friends join in as well. Those friends still have to fill in a whitelist application and you are responsible for your friends but they can play too. We want players to be happy, comfortable and having fun and if they want to play with their friends to do that, we encourage it.

And of course, as everyone knows, we also allow family to play whether they're parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins... it doesn't matter. Again, it's all about playing with those you are comfortable with.

On top of that, we've made no secrets about having journalists on, researchers, therapists, instructors and other people that have joined in. We have some people that run groups, camps or classes and they join so that the children they have visiting them can play.

The very first Facebook post I had ever made to announce the opening of the server, on June 23, 2013 says "My latest project... AutCraft, a Minecraft server just for children with autism and their families. Well, other children are welcome too. :)"
I've included a screen shot of it below.

It has never been our intention to seclude autistic children away from the rest of the world. This is not a server of isolation and segregation. We don't want to lock you away from the rest of the world.

Our mission is to keep out the trolls, haters and bullies... that's it. It's a "safe haven", as some people call it, not an exclusive club.

If you came here expecting to find a server where only autistics would ever be accepted, I'm sorry, you were given the wrong impression.

However, that being said, we also do not accept whitelist applications from totally random, non autism related people either. If someone comes to us because they just want to help, they just want somewhere that's nice or if they just want to check it out, we do reject their application.

This is how we break it down

We only accept players if they:
  • have autism, autism in their family
  • work within the autism community and represent autistics that could benefit from Autcaft
  • if it is to be temporary to gain knowledge of what we do to or share our story
  • if they know someone already on the server and that person has asked us to let their friend on.

When PSJ visited the server, I answered over 500 emails a day and at most, maybe 40 of them came from actual autistics. The rest were denied.

Again, Autcraft is not and has never been, from day one, an autism only server. It's a server to allow autistics to feel safe from bullies and judgment. That's it.

I hope that clears up any misconceptions.

EndermanFrenzy hello I am back I was gone for five days but I'm back ...
jackson_dylan Ive been with autcraft sinse it was only 1 month old as the news hit australia a little bit later ...
SugarRocks I have friend I want to get on,but I'm not sure how to ask af to let her get on

Back Up Again

LadyCath a posted Jul 20, 14
We are back up and running, jump in game and enjoy :)

Thanks so much for your patience.

Down for maintenance

LadyCath a posted Jul 20, 14
So, woke up and found Autcraft is offline?  Don't worry too much.  Keep smiling :)  We'll be back on as soon as we can.

We are down for maintenance.  Our always awesome technicians are working as hard as its humanly possible to help keep this downtime as short as possible so we can all get back online as soon as possible.

Whilst its offline browse the forum, do some homework maybe, perhaps get some sun and play outside for a while?  Maybe read a book or create something truly awesome in singleplayer.

See you in game soon.

piplupm umm.. how do i add images to a new thread?
jackson_dylan Have you met a gaming child? they dont go outside they are like Edward
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