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New Website!

Welcome to the new! We're still building so please be patient with us as we add more and more. Whether you are already approved for the Autcraft Minecraft server or not, if you are not registered with this website, please register immediately. We will need your info here to sync up your Minecraft account to the website so we can start to use more features, such as the store. We're truly sorry for the inconvenience but please understand that this is necessary. Autcraft.

Unable to Connect to the server?

If you find that you're suddenly unable to connect to the Autcraft server, try removing Autcraft from your server list and putting it back again. We have no idea why this is happening or why this works but it seems to be the only way to connect sometimes. We're trying to figure out why this is happening.

Autcraft Easter 2023!
about 1 month ago

Join us at any time on April 9th, Easter Sunday, for an egg hunt at spawn, a collectable Dragon Egg, and more!

We wish  you all the very best and safest long weekend!

Autcraft is now on version 1.19.4!
about 1 month ago

Of course, you can still connect with older versions if you wish to but we will soon be adding some new items around spawn that you will only be able to see in 1.19.4 so you may want to update soon.

We've added a new /birthday command to Autcraft!
3 months ago

We've made it easier for players to let staff know when your birthday is coming up by giving you the ability to just tell us what your birthday is.

The command is:
/birthday [day] [month]

For example, my birthday is June 5th so I'd enter:
/birthday 5 6

For you Americans, yes, it's day first, then month.

For privacy reasons, we don't ask for or need the year. 

Once you enter in your birthday, you can not change it, so be sure to get it right. If you do make a mistake and need it change, do a /modreq to ask an admin to change it for you. This is to prevent players from trying to cheat the system and claim they have multiple birthdays throug...

March 10 is Mar10 Day!
3 months ago

Sign onto the server any time on March 10th to get the Mar10 head, exclusively for Mar10 Day!

Love & Kindness Day
4 months ago

Autcraft's Love & Kindness Day was definitely one to remember this year as we set up an area for players to give books and gifts to other players on the server. Little did we know that we'd receive over 1000!

It's going to take us a little while to get everything to everyone so please be patient as we sort it all out and get it to each person.

The server was filled with kindness and friendship as players filled our storage room with messages of friendship for each other.

This is a screenshot of just some of the shulkers filled with items that we're organizing to give to players.


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