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New Website!

Welcome to the new! We're still building so please be patient with us as we add more and more. Whether you are already approved for the Autcraft Minecraft server or not, if you are not registered with this website, please register immediately. We will need your info here to sync up your Minecraft account to the website so we can start to use more features, such as the store. We're truly sorry for the inconvenience but please understand that this is necessary. Autcraft.

Autcraft has added Dropper Maps!
3 days ago

Droppers aren't a new concept but this is a big step up for Autcraft as we not only created these droppers ourselves, but it's also the first time we've written our own minigame code for the plugin.

This is the first step towards Autcraft creating our own games and systems, moving away from having to rely on free to use plugins which often stop being developed and eventually break.

So starting today and for always, players can now take part in our new Dropper maps minigames. We'll be adding more as we go!

Love and Kindness Day 2024!
11 days ago

Hello and welcome to Love and Kindness Day 2024!

When you join the server today, you'll receive a special head for today only!

Please visit the house at spawn where you can find books to write little notes to your friends to show your appreciation.

Also, at spawn, we have music and paintings, which will all look very special with the help of this resource pack:

If you need help installing and using a resource pack, please check this page on our wiki:

Feather Falling prevents crop trampling!
22 days ago

Now on Autcraft, if you have Feather Falling on your boots, you can jump or fall onto your farmland/crops from any height and no longer turn your soil back into dirt.

We made this change, not Minecraft itself, so don't go expecting this to work in single player or on another server. We did this because we just think that this is how Feather Falling should work.

Put Frogs On Your Head!
about 1 month ago

Ever since I saw a Minecraft video where a player had a frog on their head, I've wanted to add that to Autcraft. Well, we finally did!

Now players can put a frog, a bee, or a chicken on their head with the command /onmyhead

Just use the command /onmyhead, and then right click on the frog, bee, or chicken that you want on your head. This can't be used in player protections that you're not a member of.

To remove the animal from your head, you can teleport or you can use the command /offmyhead

Autcraft is now on Minecraft version 1.20.4!
about 1 month ago

Autcraft is now running on Minecraft version 1.20.4!

Yes, you can still connect with older versions if you want to. This version fixes many bugs but also adds the ability to store items in pottery!

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