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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to be whitelisted?

After you register, we will research your Minecraft username to see if there's any bad history there. This is to prevent toxic people from joining the server. This process can be quick or it can take a while. Depending on how many applicants we get, this could mean that you will have to wait 2 or 3 days, or maybe even up to 2 weeks. It all depends on how much media attention we're getting. Sorry for the wait but it's for your safety.

Why does it say my username is invalid?

This is because the username you entered is not found in Mojang's database of usernames. This likely means that you are using the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft and not the Java Edition. Autcraft only works with the Java Edition, which sadly means no consoles. The good news is that if you have one, you can also get the other. To get the Java Edition, go here:

Can adults join Autcraft?

Absolutely! In fact, we strongly suggest that parents join their children, but also yes, even autistic adults who just want a safe place to play too. We have players on Autcraft ranging from 5 years old to over 60 years old and everything in between. Minecraft is a great game enjoyed by people of all ages.

Can I apply to be staff on Autcraft?

No, there is no application to be staff. Staff monitors the server pretty closely and so we also notice the people who stand out in terms of being patient, helpful, respectful, and compassionate. Those people will be approached and asked if they would like to join the team to volunteer their time in making Autcraft a positive and kind community. We need to see how someone is with all of our autistic players before we will give them any sort of position of authority over them.

What languages can I speak on Autcraft?

English. Unfortunately our staff can only speak English and so English is the only language that we can ensure is safe. If players speak in a language that we can not understand then we can't be certain that what is being said is appropriate. So for now, no other languages are allowed.

Is Autcraft monitored?

Yes, we monitor Autcraft 24/7. We do this by being in game with the players, sometimes we'll be on the server but "in vanish" where no one can see us, and sometimes we are just watching console, which is a web interface that shows us what is happening on the server in real time. In addition to this, we have created custom plugins which will keep track of contents written on signs, in books, and even items renamed in an anvil. All of this, including swear words, and more is sent to the staff in real time on their phones. And the players are also given a special command in game (/helpop) which will alert staff on their phones if ever there is an emergency.