Hallo! Seems like I did something wrong in my original application as it did not send me a verification email, so just wanted to let you know! Have a good day! - Blaze
23 hours ago

Hi, how long will I be whitelisted soon?
2 days ago

I've been waiting for 2 weeks and I got no response that I got whitelisted!
3 hours ago

Hi this server will really help me but I only have bedrock and I see that servers and having bedrock availability from them being java servers will you be able to do the same or if you could make a server for us bedrock only people
5 days ago

Hello! I completed the registration form a few days ago, I'm looking forward to playing with everyone.
6 days ago

I've been waiting for 2 weeks and I got no response that I got whitelisted!
9 hours ago

Hey. I'd applied to join the server a few days ago and I'd checked the members list to see if there's any new players joined between when I'd applied and today, and some joined today. Can you apply me please?
7 days ago

I got banned i thinks its beacuse i sweard once is there a way to apel ? Also im really sorry i was just falling to my death in bedwars a got stressed Im really sorry
9 days ago

You were unbanned almost immediately after it happened. I saw it. You can rejoin at any time. Just try to be more careful in the future.
8 days ago

16 days ago

I got kicked from server somthing about proxy idk, and it says cant connect to server ik i didnnt do anything bad to get banned?
26 days ago

This is really an amazing server :)
27 days ago

Yay its working now!
27 days ago

about 1 month ago
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Aceolotl: There's still 9 or 10 weeks of school here ;-; Yeah, some people will be done already, others a little while after, some weeks later... and many players won't even be in school anymore. We can't pick a date that will be perfect for everyone, just one that kinda works for most people.
3 days ago

School's Out Party!! At 2pm (server time, that's 2 hours before POTW), on May 28th, Autcraft will be hosting a party to celebrate the end of the school year! We will have a custom resource pack with carefully selected music, artwork, and more. The location will be revealed at the time of the party. All players are welcome to attend, and there will be special goodies to collect for those who are there. For the date, time, and a countdown while on the server, type in the command /events
4 days ago

WiseRedPanda: Kila just found out that any item you right click on a shulker vanishes as if it was dye...  Yeah, that's been fixed.
13 days ago

Problem: You can get colored shulker heads on Autcraft but there are no colored shulkers, so how do you get their heads in different colors? Solution: You dye them! Starting today, May 2, 2022, you can now dye shulker mobs. Yes, it's dangerous but the reward is worth it!
16 days ago