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24 days ago
Verification & whitelisting help request

Thank you. I have opened a new account with matching username to Minecraft now. 

28 days ago
Verification & whitelisting help request

Hi, I am a new user who just joined yesterday. Looks like I'm dealing with 2 issues.

1. When I created an Autcraft account for my autistic son, I didn't know any better and just put a random name as Minecraft username. I found out it's taken when I bought the java Minecraft edition today and created his Minecraft gamer tag (random name + numbers). Is there anyway to change that in my Autcraft account? Or does it even matter if I can do #2?

2. In the connections tab of the account, there is a pending verification. I clicked Verify and it gave me a command to type. I typed it when logged played as a single player, it said error. Am I doing it at the wrong place or the wrong way? I don't even know the word ingame? Does it mean inside the game? Sorry. I haven't got a clue.

Please help. As I don't play any type of games, and please excuse this novice. I am just trying to get my kid to Autcraft server so he can play safely. Appreciate your help.