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about 1 month ago
Happy 15th Birthday Minecraft!

Happy birthday minecraft. I still remember first playing in beta 1.8 which was back in 2011

4 months ago
Feather Falling prevents crop trampling!

took me a while to understand it because I was thinking that better suites slow falling but feather falling is like having something soft and springy underneath the boots so that works as well

5 months ago
Put Frogs On Your Head!

I really like the addition AutismFather

about 1 year ago
We've added a new /birthday command to Autcraft!


We've made it easier for players to let staff know when your birthday is coming up by giving you the ability to just tell us what your birthday is.

The command is:
/birthday [day] [month]

For example, my birthday is June 5th so I'd enter:
/birthday 5 6

For you Americans, yes, it's day first, then month.

For privacy reasons, we don't ask for or need the year. 

Once you enter in your birthday, you can not change it, so be sure to get it right. If you do make a mistake and need it change, do a /modreq to ask an admin to change it for you. This is to prevent players from trying to cheat the system and claim they have multiple birthdays throughout the year.

This new plugin will let admins know when birthdays are coming up even if you entered it in months ago, and it'll keep letting us know year after year.

In the past, we've asked players to submit their birthday to us 1 week prior to the day but this can be difficult for people that are not on every day, meaning that some don't get enough time for there to be many presents and others miss out entirely.

With the new plugin, people can let us know about their birthday months in advance and the plugin will just let us know as the big day gets closer.

Birthdays are a big thing on Autcraft. The pandemic really hit hard and caused us to focus more on giving players the birthdays that they were missing out on in real life, but also just being autistic can have the same effect. On Autcraft, people can have the big parties that they aren't able to have in real life.

And now, with this plugin, we can make sure to be prepared well in advance so that less people will miss out.

no way. We have the same birthdays as mine is also june 5th

about 1 year ago
Love & Kindness Day

thank you all for your kind words. Ill try my best to make it happen next year