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Autcraft's Rules

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Please read through all of our rules. They are important and are a big part of why Autcraft is the safe space that it is.
We know that it looks like a lot but honestly, most of it is pretty straight forward and common sense.
Chat Guidelines
No swearing/cussing, improper language, or mature topics

AutCraft has many younger players so chat must be kept family-friendly at all times. The following list includes a few examples of topics that ARE NOT ALLOWED, but it is not an extensive list. If a staff member asks you to stop saying something, please stop immediately.
  • No swearing, do not swear or attempt to bypass the swear filter in any way.
  • No religious or political discussions, AutCraft is not the place for controversial discussions.
  • No mature media, including but not limited to, TV shows, movies, videos, and games.
  • No taunting/name-calling/harassment, Autcraft strives to be a safe haven from bullying. Unkind words and actions will not be tolerated.
  • No dating or romantic relationships, these subjects are not appropriate for younger players and will not be tolerated.
  • No violence or threats, including but not limited to, guns and other weapons, murder, threatening to hurt yourself or others, even jokingly.
  • No vulgar acts or “potty talk”, we do not need to know about any illnesses or bodily functions
  • Nothing that can be considered scary to younger children, this includes Herobrine, Creepypasta, and Five Nights at Freddy's.

No Spam

Sometimes chat is going really fast! It is okay to say it again later if you feel no one heard you but you don’t need to say it a lot of times in a row.

  • No repeated letters or characters, like this: ‘Nooooooooooo!’ or ‘No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’
  • No countdowns, like this: ‘5’ ‘4’ ‘3’ ‘2’ ‘1’
  • No gibberish, like this: ‘wkejhrlwkjebdlwkjebrlwiuer’
  • No Ascii or Unicode symbols, like this: ‘☺∑۞♥♫♯ '
  • No repeating chat lines, like this: ‘I need wood’ ‘I need wood’ ‘I need wood’

No Harassment

You should not, in any way, harass, annoy, bully, or otherwise inconvenience any players. This includes name-calling and other forms of insulting others. If somebody asks you to stop something, please do so immediately. Harassment or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated on any AutCraft platform.

No Personal Information

Privacy and security are of the utmost importance to us here at AutCraft. Because of this, seeking out personal information of other players is strictly forbidden and will be handled accordingly. Please consult this general guide on internet safety for guidelines and advice.

  • DO NOT share identifying information, such as last names, school names, city names, etc.
  • DO NOT share contact information, such as emails, phone numbers, discords, social media, etc.
  • DO NOT request or seek out personal information of others in any way, this is considered a bannable offense.
  • DO NOT share other server names or IP addresses for anywhere outside of AutCraft

English Only

We understand that English might not be your first language, but AutCraft is an English speaking server only. We will help you in any way that we can, but we ask that all communication on AutCraft platforms are in English.

No Advertising

There will be no advertising of any other servers in any form. No talking about other servers, enjins, discords, games, etc. on any AutCraft platforms.

Changing Usernames

Usernames should not:

  • Mimic or put down other players
  • Be inappropriate in any way
  • Make players think you are staff (copying names of Helpers, SrHelpers, Admins)

You will be removed from the whitelist until you change your name back.

Roleplay Reminders

We know some of our players have active imaginations and are fantastic storytellers. Chat channels are available for any players who want to participate in extended roleplays. All roleplay chat needs to be contained in a channel and need to follow all of AC's Chat Guidelines. Sr. Helpers and Admins monitor all chat channels.

Forum Rules

  • No posting links to download files. Due to the inherent danger of downloading unknown files off the internet, we cannot allow this.
  • All content posted, including but not limited to images, song lyrics, art, stories, venting, or random chatter, *must* be Autcraft friendly and appropriate for all ages.
  • All previously stated server rules apply to the forum
Game Play Guidelines
No Cheating/Hacking

The following are not allowed and may result in punishment:
  • Cheats - No using cheats such as mods that give you an unfair edge, anything that gives you x-ray, etc.
  • Abusing glitches – duplication glitches, economy or plugin glitches, etc. are not allowed on AutCraft. All glitches or server glitches should be reported immediately.
  • AFK and Flying machines – Any machines or builds that move the player to avoid being kicked or to travel are strictly forbidden.
  • Unapproved mods & Clients – No unapproved mods or clients may be used on AutCraft. Please review the approved mods list for a list of mods that are allowed.

AutCraft protects the builds of players to prevent others from damaging them, the following guidelines must apply to all builds in order to be protected:
  • Builds must be at least 30 blocks away from the nearest build belonging to another player.
  • The corners of a protection must be marked to receive a protection. If a build is underground, the “markers” MUST be placed above ground.
  • You can have up to 6 other players on a protection.
  • Group builds (towns, hotels, etc.) will be protected like any other base (1 owner, 6 members) and must follow the guidelines mentioned above.
  • Builds MUST be in a build world to be protected.
No Griefing

Griefing refers to the intentional, unapproved editing or damaging of another player’s property. This is not acceptable behavior for any reason. To report griefing, please type “/modreq I was griefed” and a staff member will assist you.
Griefing is:
  • Damaging another player’s build, even if it is not protected.
  • Killing another player’s pets or mobs.
  • Stealing items from unprotected chests.
  • Protecting builds, chests, or doors that do not belong to you.
Family Friendly Builds Only

We hope that everyone on Autcraft uses good judgment about building things appropriate for use in minecraft on a family friendly server. If while exploring you find an inappropriate build, please type '/modreq inappropriate build' while standing nearby. An admin will take a look as soon as possible and remove it if necessary.
We will remove builds that we deem inappropriate, including but not limited to: Any symbol, emblem, or shape that represents an intolerant or hateful group. Any representation of male or female private body part(s). Any swearing or hateful words spelled out with blocks, on signs, or in books.
Please do not build "adults only" establishments, including casinos, bars, and nightclubs. References to alcohol or drugs in builds or item names are not allowed on Autcraft.

Skins and Banners

If your skin or banner is used with intent to scare, annoy, harass, or impose a view or position on to other players, a helper or admin may ask you to change your skin and/or remove the banner before returning to gameplay. Skins and Banners need to be family-friendly including but not limited to:
  • No Herobrine, Creepypasta, or Five Nights at Freddy's skins.
  • No blood or gore of any kind on skins.
  • No indecent exposure or naked skins.
One Account Per Player

Alternative and shared accounts are not allowed for any reason on AutCraft. Alternative accounts will be removed from the white-list and shared accounts will be handled accordingly by staff.

Trapping/Killing Players

The intentional trapping or killing of a player on AutCraft will not be tolerated. Traps will be removed and the player responsible will be punished accordingly.

Public Builds

If you decide to make a build for community use, it is your responsibility to maintain it. Public builds will be protected following the previously mentioned Protection Guidelines.


Staff reserves the right to request any build be removed if it is too demanding of the server. All redstone builds MUST abide by the following:
  • No continuously running redstone clocks or machines
  • No more than 100 hoppers can be used in a build.
Pet Ownership

As a large survival server with hundreds of different players on each day, we must limit the number of pets each player can have in order to reduce lag. The follow limits have been set for the benefit of the entire server.
You are allowed to have 10 of each animal type with the following exceptions:
  • Sheep: You may have 10 sheep at any given time if all 1 color. If you have a sheep farm you are allowed 2 of each color.
  • Villagers: You may have 15 villagers at any given time.
Tamed animals
  • Do not leave any pets sitting in any area that is not yours. Admins will not know who they belong to and they will be removed and you will not have the opportunity to get the animal back.
  • Pets are not damage-proof! If you take them out of your area, they may not be safe. Wolves and cats are damaged by arrows and flames and wolves can take fall damage.
  • We recommend you keep pets safe at home. Take care of your pets in the game as you would a pet in real life.

On Autcraft we try to be fair and understanding. We have several tools to help us maintain a safe and family-friendly environment. What tool is used is at the discretion of the staff member online at the time. In most situations, there will be one or more verbal warnings in public and/or private messages.

If you or your child experiences any of these consequences, you can contact any staff member in game via private chat, /helpop, a message through the website, or the Facebook page. Please include the player’s username when inquiring via email or Facebook. We advise all parents to frequently check the emails provided in the whitelist application for updates concerning the player.


Mutes prevent the players from speaking in chat or channels and are generally reserved for chat violations. You will usually be messaged concerning why you were muted and can often respond via a book or signs. Admins can also be contacted with /helpop.


Jail is a room that players cannot leave or interact with other players. Jail is typically, but not exclusively, reserved for violations of gameplay rules. Players may be held there until staff can contact their parent or guardian.


In extreme cases, players who repeatedly make poor choices will be temporarily unable to access the Autcraft server. The timeframe is at the discretion of the admins, however, some players will remain banned until their parents can be contacted to help us help the player better understands the rules.

Whitelist Removal

Rarely, but sometimes, players are removed from the whitelist and given a chance in the future to apply again. This is used for players who are continually destructive or show signs that they are not ready to participate in a multiplayer server.

Note to Players

This is not an extensive list of the rules and behaviors expected of AutCraft players. If a staff member asks you to stop a certain behavior, you are expected to respect their request. If you disagree with a staff member or their request, you should contact an admin via private message, do not argue with staff members.