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Armor Stand Plugin


The Armor Stand Plugin, added in June 2021, gives players the ability to add poses or customise various parts of their armor configuration through the use of a GUI; Further adding utility to dynamic figures.

Once you have crafted and placed an Armor Stand, you can access the GUI in two ways:
  • By Right Clicking while Sneaking.
  • Using /armorstand
This brings up the Armor Stand customisation screen, the GUI is divided into several sub-regions:
  • Properties alters the appearance of the base, name, or toggle gravity. Click the coloured wool to turn them off (red) or green (green). The name of the stand can be altered by middle-clicking (Mouse 3) the 'Name Visibility' property and then typing the new name in chat.
  • Pose: Change the posture of the armor stand: The Head, Torso, Legs and Arms can be changed via the X, Y and Z axis respectively. Left Clicking the Wool of the elements increases the value by 1 while Right Clicking decreases the value by 1, or 10x when holding down shift. 
  • The Armor elements (Feet, Legs, Torso and Helmet) can be changed by placing the respective armor pieces in the slots. Equipment can be equipped in the two 'Arm' slots on either side of the Torso Slot.

You can clone the existing pose of an Armor Stand by clicking the 'Clone Picker', displayed as Paper. This brings you to the interface, which features the various elements that you wish to carry over. Once you have toggled the various parts, to your liking, then left click another Armor Stand to copy the pose to it.