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Autcraft AI

NOTE: The AI is for entertainment purposes only. It will get some information wrong. This AI uses information it finds online and it is not always accurate. Just have fun!


Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the ability of a computer to complete tasks that are usually done by humans. Our AI has the ability to converse with players through a question and answer format.

How it Works

AutismFather has integrated the OpenAI  API into our chat plugin. Each time a player joins the AI channel, it silently sends a greeting to the OpenAI system, along with a set of instructions, such as the current Minecraft version of the server, the server address, the year it was started, the ranks we offer, and more. This tells the AI to believe that it is the Autcraft Minecraft server and that the server is talking with the player. All questions will be answered from the perspective of the actual server. 

To begin, simply type /chan join AI

Each time a question is asked, the AI will almost instantaneously return an answer. 

Is the AI Safe?

Our AI is instructed to keep responses safe for children of all ages. All messages are sent from "Player." In other words, the OpenAI system never knows which player it is talking to or receives any data about those players. Once a conversation is closed, all of that information is destroyed. The AI will not remember any of that conversation the next time the player joins the channel. 

Each player's conversation is private between the player and the AI. Even if multiple players are in the channel at the same time, each player will only see their questions and answers and not that of any other channel member.

Finally, these conversations, like all of Autcraft, are monitored in real time and logged by Autcraft staff to make sure nothing inappropriate or dangerous is ever presented to the players. 


Due to the fact that the OpenAI system only knows what it has been told by the team that created it, its information is limited and often wrong. This is especially true when it comes to questions about Autcraft. It has heard of our server and knows some basic information, but it does not know our server rules or commands. The AI will respond with general Minecraft server information, but it does not have any command, plug-in, or other information specific to Autcraft. Please continue to ask staff any questions about the server. The AI is meant to be entertainment, not a source of information.

It is for this reason that we've added a disclaimer to the start of each conversation reminding players that this is for entertainment purposes and not to be taken seriously. This is a toy. 

OpenAI is not a free system. It costs real money. Players are limited to 20 interactions per restart period (12 hours). This is to help keep costs down, but also ensure that players aren't spending all of their time interacting with the AI instead of real people on the server. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions are based on interactions we have seen with the Autcraft AI:

  • Does the AI know who I am?
    • No, the AI does not receive any personal information about you. You can tell it things during your conversation and it will remember it while you are in the channel. As soon as you leave the channel, everything it learned about you will be erased. The next time you join it will not know anything about you.
  • Can I asked when my friend was last online?
    • The AI does not have this information. It does not know who any players are or have any data about them. It will answer your question, but it will not be accurate.
  • Does it know what plug-ins or commands the server uses?
    • No it does not have this information. It will answer with information about general Minecraft servers. Sometimes the plugins listed will be the same as what we used on Autcraft, but usually not. It does not know anything about our in-house custom plugins or commands. 
  • Can I ask what the server rules are?
    • Sure, but it won't answer correctly and should never be used as a reliable source of information. For accurate information, please ask a staff member or visit out rules page. 
  • Why does it keep repeating itself?
    • The AI knows it is answering as the Autcraft server, and for that reason it will frequently direct you to speak with a staff member for assistance.
  • I would like the AI to send a message to my friend.
    • Since the AI does not know who you or your friend are, it us unable to do this. It will say that it is sending the message, but nothing will happen. Please /msg or /mail your friend directly.
  • Are you spying on me in this channel?
    • The AI channel, like all aspects of Autcraft, is monitored by staff 24 hours a day. We are not spying on anyone, but yes the channel is being watched to keep players safe.
  • Someone joined the channel while I am in it. Will they see my questions?
    • No. Even when multiple players are in the AI channel, it will be like you are in your own private channel. Each player will only see their conversation with the AI and no one else.
  • Why did the AI stop responding?
    • Players are limited to 20 questions during each 12 hour period. Your questions will refresh at each server restart. This question limit it to ensure the cost of running the AI is kept at a reasonable level. 
  • But I only asked a couple of questions before it stopped?
    • By "question" we mean anything sent to the AI. If you say "hello" then you have sent a question. To simplify, you can send 20 messages to the AI.