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Beacons are used to apply a variety of effects to an area, which is determined by the size of the beacon pyramid.

How to Craft a Beacon

Beacons are crafted with 5 clear glass, 3 blocks of obsidian, and one nether star.

About Beacon Pyramids

The size of the pyramid will determine which effects you are able to choose, as well as the the range of the effects (how many blocks away from the beacon they will work). The level of a beacon refers to how many layers. How to construct each level will be shown after this section. Pyramid levels 1-3 can choose one effect. Level 5 can choose a secondary effect.

  • Level 1 Pyramid
    • Requires 9 blocks
    • A single 3x3 block area
    • Speed I, Haste I
    • 20 block effect range, 11 second duration (once you leave the area)
  • Level 2 Pyramid
    • Requires 34 blocks
    • 5x5 bottom layer, 3x3 top layer.
    • Speed I, Haste I, Resistance I, Jump Boost I
    • 40 block effect range, 13 second duration (once you leave the area)
  • Level 3 Pyramid
    • Requires 83 blocks (1 stack + 19 blocks)
    • 7x7 bottom layer, 5x5 center layer, 3x3 top layer. 
    • Speed I, Haste I, Resistance I, Jump Boost I, Strength I
    • 40 block effect range, 15 second effect duration (once you leave the area)
  • Level 4 Pyramid
    • Requires 164 blocks (2 stacks + 36 blocks
    • 9x9 bottom layer, 7x7, then 5x5, and 3x3 layers
    • Speed I, Haste I, Resistance I, Jump Boost I, Strength I
    • A Secondary effect may be chosen, either Speed II, Haste II, Resistance II, Jump Boost II, Strength II, or Regeneration
    • 50 block effect range, 17 second effect duration (one you leave the area)

A fully maxed beacon pyramid with all effects will require 6 beacons, 5 at level II effects, with the 6th set to Regeneration.

How to Build the Pyramids

Pyramids can be built from any combination of iron, gold, emerald, diamond, or netherite blocks. They must be completely solid. The beacon is placed at the top of the pyramid on the center block.

Selecting the Effects

Right click the beacon to bring up the menu. The beacon must be "fed" a netherite ingot, emerald, diamond, gold ingot, or iron ingot in order to apply the effect. Level 4 beacons will require a second "feed" to apply the secondary effect.

Building a Multi-Beacon Pyramid

Beacons must be surrounding by blocks on all sides on the top layer. This is best seen with a level 1 beacon

When adding a second beacon, more blocks must be added to maintain this requirement.

A third beacon can be added the same way.

When adding 4 or more beacons, they can either continue in a line, or can make squares and rectangles. 

The rest of the pyramid will need to be adjusted to continue the solid structure. Here is a level 4 pyramid with 2 beacons.

There is no fancy math involved in doing this. Simply decide how many beacons you need to use. Place them on top of a 4 block tower. Build out and fill in the beacon making sure each later expands by one block, from top to bottom. 

A fully maxed out level 4 beacon with all 6 buffs will require 244 mineral blocks.