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The /pronouns command allows player to have their personal pronoun displayed alongside their user name in chat. 


  • /pronouns - Brings up instructions 
    • "Set your pronouns by doing something like /pronouns They/Them"
  • Available Options
    • Alien/It
    • Any/All
    • E/Em/Eirs
    • He/Him
    • He/They
    • It/They
    • She/Her
    • She/They
    • Xe/Xem/Xir

Pronoun display can be turned off with /pronouns Off

All About Pronouns

A pronoun is a word used instead of a noun. Well then, what is a noun?

A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea. 

  • Person: Steve, Alex
  • Place: Spawn, Info Center
  • Thing: sword, wood, diamond
  • Idea: friendship, happiness, kindness


A pronoun is used in place of a noun.

  • Steve is mining. He found lapis. 
  • Alex went to the Info Center. She learned a lot.

What about pronouns on Autcraft? 

(Autcrafter)<He/Him> Steve: Hello, Friends!

Steve wants to be called “he” or “him” when we talk about him. 

(Autcrafter)<She/Her> Alex: Hi Steve!

Alex wants to be called “she” or “her” when we talked about her.

(Autcrafter)<They/Them> Wandering Trader: Hello! Would you like to buy this cactus?

Wandering Trader does not want to be called “he” or “she.” They would like to be called “They” or “Them.” You may also call them by their full name: Wandering Trader. 

Wandering Trader will be sad if you call them something they are not. Friends don’t make friends feel sad. Please call Wandering Trader by their name, or using the pronouns They/Them. 

What should I do if I don’t understand how to use my friend’s pronoun?

Just call them by their name. 

(Autcrafter)<He/Him> Steve: Hey Alex! Did you see what Wandering Trader was selling? You should check out Wandering Trader’s items!

What about pronouns I have never seen before? 

  • Pronouns are listed in a consistent order. 
  • he/him/his is the same order as xe/xem/xir

This is my friend Creeper Xe likes to sneak up on people. I like to watch xem blow up dirt. Xir explosions are loud!