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Birthdays are a common celebration on Autcraft! Read on to learn how they are recognized.

Player Birthdays
When a player's birthday is less than a week away, a modreq can be submitted to let the admins know. Upcoming birthdays for the week are added to the Birthday Board at Birthday Island, and will be announced at POTW.

Autcraft's Birthday
On June 23rd Autcraft grows one year older each year! Currently, it is 9 years old and counting! Each year there are special decorations at spawn and epic wither fights to be had. 

  • 1st Birthday
  • 2nd Birthday
    • The second birthday had parties and fun around as people fought the dragon in 3 fights, the first fight can be viewed here.
    • The second video was a live stream.
    • The third video is available here.
    • A second live stream and 4th video can be viewed here.
  • 3rd Birthday
    • In the First Ragecraft 3 fight, Mobs from the popular map AutismFather played through were brought over to Autcraft In an Epic battle helped on June 23rd, 2016.
  • 4th Birthday
    • The 4th Birthday Marked the end of the Ragecraft 3 Mob Invasions with fireworks to end off the day.
  • 5th Birthday
    • Everyone got an Autismfather Head (this is before Baby Admins were added to wither fights) and small wither fights through the day)
  • 6th Birthday
    • For the 6th Birthday, there was an admin-hosted dragon fight and fireworks at spawn. Sign added and small regular wither fights through the day.
  • 7th Birthday
    • Autcraft Celebrated with minigames at spawn, increased shiny rates, and wither fights! One huge change in 2020's birthday parties was the introduction of the Cursed Admins.
  • 8th Birthday
    • Yungtak and Xilefan came to visit and The Darkness was unveiled for the first time. 
  • 9th Birthday
    • Stay tuned to find our how Autcraft celebrates its 9th birthday this June!