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Appreciation House 


A house for appreciating the players who donate to the server to help keep Autcraft functioning. Want to support Autcraft as well? Learn more about Patreon Rank!

The Appreciation House is currently located at Autcraft’s 5th Spawn.

Features and Purpose
The Appreciation House has many cool builds that could be used for a variety of role play/hanging out/other communal reasons. It includes:
  • Front Yard
    • Facing the front there is a beach, a trail, and the front of the house showing the front of the house to spawn.
  • Back Yard
    • The back yard has a pond, a golf course, a dance area, a rainbow, and a volleyball court.
  • Inside
    • Many secrets and games inside. What will you find?

Future Updates
In the future, there will be updates with seasonal changes and holiday changes.

The Appreciation House was originally built to be exclusive for Patrons who pledge at least $10 per month, It was later decided that this build should be accessible to all players on Autcraft and is now open to everyone.