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Jobs Room


Each player may have up to three jobs at any time. Performing job actions will earn job points and in-game currency. 


Choosing Jobs

Available jobs are shows in the Jobs Room at /warp jobs. Right click any of the signs in the center row to view information about earning points for each job. Clicking on the top row will join a job, and the bottom row will leave a job. Players can have up to three jobs at a time and change jobs at any time. Points earned will not be lost by changing jobs, however there will be a loss of job levels. 

Points are earned slowly when beginning a new job. Each job level has an XP goal to reach in order to progress. As job levels rise, the amount of points rewarded for job actions will increase. The higher a player's job level, the quicker points will be earned. 


Job Options

  • Explorer
  • Woodcutter
    • Chop down trees or other logs
  • Miner
    • Mine for ores, stone, obsidian, and other blocks
  • Builder
    • Place various blocks while building
  • Digger
    • Dig sand, dirt, gravel, and clay
  • Farmer
    • Harvest vegetables, flowers, mushrooms, saplings, and other plantable items. 
  • Hunter
    • Kill mobs
  • Crafter
    • Craft various items
  • Fisherman
    • Collect cod, salmon, tropical fish, and pufferfish
  • Weaponsmith
    • Craft armor and weapons
  • Brewer
  • Enchanter
    • Enchant armor and weapons


Job Points

Job points can be converted into credits to use at the Autcraft Store. 


In-Game Currency

Performing job actions also earns in-game currency. The amount of money earned can be seen with the commands /bal, /balance, or /money. This money can be exchanged for emeralds at The Bank at /warp shops.