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Village Of Boos


A treat at Halloween and throughout the year, Village of Boos contains a haunted house, maze, cemetery, and jump scares, among other things. Once updated each year in October, you can expect fun, spooky happenings and treats from dispensers. Players are welcome to explore the village anytime, even when events aren't running.

Special Items
Each Year you can collect a special item placed in your Build World Inventory called Autcraft ___ pumpkin. The first time this was done was in Village Of Boos 2014 but in 2017 it came back and became a yearly special item. Originally the special item was a Jack o' Lantern named "Village of Boos 2014" with the lore Happy Halloween, since 2017, each pumpkin has been named ("Autcraft {0}", year) with the lore "Happy Halloween"
  • Village of Boos 2014: Happy Halloween
  • Autcraft 2017: Happy Halloween
  • Autcraft 2018: Happy Halloween
  • Autcraft 2019: Happy Halloween
  • Autcraft 2020: Happy Halloween
Pumpkin Contest
In October of 2020 Autcraft Hosted a Pumpkin Contest, The 3 Categories were:
  • Most Funny
  • Most Traditional
  • Most Scary
  • The Winners of Each Category were:
  • Most Funny: SpookiitMex
  • Most Traditional: Snoowy
  • Most Scary: John_0696
2020 Revamps/Updates
With the new 1.16 update and blocks, existing blocks were put out for newer spookier blocks from 1.16, Some blocks like Blackstone were used a lot and in main areas while some crimson trees were hidden in the shadows. Existing areas with paths were redone with new paths to correlate to what goes there. A New Strider race was added for players to run around a racing area against others. Ghost Busters was also added to shoot ghosts inside a haunted house. Other areas added were by the pumpkin roller coaster for the pumpkin contest.

2021 Revamps/Updates
For this year's update, the VOB world area was expanded. A large Trevenant (Pokémon in the shape of a tree) was built, a Pac-Man maze created, and some new pixel art was added to the sky. The existing With Tower was also updated and now features a witch's brew area at the top.