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Player of the Week

March 18, 2023



The Player of the Week, or POTW, is the player that stands out the most during the week from Sunday to following Sunday. It used to be Monday to Monday before the day was changed in January 2018.

Earning Player of the Week is actually tougher to do than earning a CBA due to its competitive nature. Often, many players stand out through the week but only one player can be chosen.

To be that one special player selected to be POTW, you must exhibit one or several of the following:

  • Be Kind
  • Be Helpful
  • Show Personal Growth
  • Be friendly

How POTW is Selected

The Admins and SrHelpers nominate players each Saturday that they feel are good candidates for POTW. Admins discuss all of the nominations, exchange notes in case anyone missed anything and then the Player of the Week is selected. Generally the POTW is announced on the server each Saturday at 4:00 PM Server time (16:00 displayed on the Tab menu, 4:00 PM Eastern Time)

From the first POTW until December 2017, POTW was always announced on a Monday, but in January 2018 announcements happened on Sundays to make it easier for Players to join the event. Starting on 2nd May 2020, the POTW announcement was moved to Saturdays.

The POTW will have with their player head and signs announcing their position inside the TARDIS. Players are also awarded 4 credits on the Autcraft Store.