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SrHelpers are players that are 18 years old or older, who have proven themselves responsible, respectful, and patient enough to handle any situation on the server. SrHelpers are able to mute and jail players that misbehave but more importantly than that, they have proven that they will communicate with all players in a respectful and caring manner.

How to become a SrHelper

  • SrHelpers must be 18 years of age or older. If the Admins think you are not ready for SrHelper you may get Helper Rank.
  • Maturity. You need to be professional
  • Responsibility. You need to be active on Autcraft and help others when asked
  • Honesty. If you accidentally break a window, tell them that you did it.
  • How you handle things. As SrHelper, players will come to you with their stories of depression or suicide or other difficult issues. You need to be able to help them and try not to get overwhelmed by it.

What players are SrHelpers?

  • STD1990
  • mug_of_tea
  • emerald1561