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Thank you for being with us on Christmas!
Started by AutismFather



24 Mar 2022
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21 Jun 2024

Our 24 hours of gift giving on Autcraft is now complete. We personally handed out hundreds of gifts to players from all around the world, ranging in ages from 6 to over 60.

We loved hearing about everyone's day and what they got for Christmas and the things they've been doing. We loved receiving presents back from players who were super kind and thoughtful in return.

Finally, I just want to say thank you all once again, and Merry Christmas! Please remember, whatever happens in your life, I just spent 24 hours on Autcraft, for you... to be with you. Because you're worth it. You are awesome and I'm lucky to be able to have the opportunity to spend time with you.

AutismFather · 6 months ago · Last edited: 6 months ago